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From: Peter Koning, Affiliate Marketing Strategy Expert

Dear Affiliate Manager, 

I'm not going to waste your precious time convincing you of the well known business building benefits of having your own affiliate program.

But I am going to show you how to get there faster.

If you already have affiliates making sales for you then you appreciate how much work goes in to actually finding and recruiting them.

And if you haven't started this process yet, then you're in for a rude awakening .

Either way, I'm sure you'd agree that after all the work you've done to attract potential but cautious affiliates to your website, that it's getting even tougher to convince them of that next critical step ... to fill out your application form and click your site's "sign me up" button.

Here's why.

There's Too Many Choices

Heck, why should they join your affiliate program when there's so many other juicy alternatives out there?

This is the problem faced by hundreds of eager and desperate affiliate managers like you every day. And it's getting worse as more and more affiliate programs come on stream - eager to hunt, trap, and lock in any affiliate having even just pennies in their AdWords account.

But don't feel sorry for them - those hungry affiliate managers are your competition - and you're fighting with them to recruit the best affiliates.

I've Seen The Affiliate War Zone

I know this because I work on a daily basis with clients who are starting or rebuilding their affiliate programs. One of these clients has 14863 affiliates ... and they want to get even more because they know it pays to have more affiliates.

But it's painful work due to the fact that only about 2% of affiliates produce over 80% of your affiliate generated sales.

Sure, there are more newbie affiliates entering the industry all the time, but they usually don't have the traffic and the skills to quickly find the internet marketing sweet spot that sends you highly converting customers.

I've reviewed 69 affiliate software packages and networks, and in doing so I've also seen the good... the bad... and the ugly in terms of affiliate signup pages on 284 live merchant sites.

The problem with most of them is that the pages describing the affiliate program - if any - are just not tuned into the station "WIIFM" - What's In It For Me.

There's no hook, no sales pitch, no promise, no offer, and no unique benefits for the affiliate.

What makes your program different ?

So affiliates move on and sign up elsewhere, and you end up frustrated with just a handful of sites barely promoting your products.

Get Creative

What you need is more than just a typical affiliate signup form with a bunch of fields on it.

What you need is some unique and proven ideas to get them to be motivated and happy to complete that form and make the click to sign up for your program.

I've researched the top performing merchants and seen the cash pouring in from their affiliate army.

And these merchants are doing something different.

I've reviewed what they're doing to bait, hook, and reel in the affiliate fish - big and small - and land them into their affiliate program.

These top performing methods have been compiled for you into a new easy-to-read report entitled "Affiliate Explosion: 100 Ways To Recruit More Affiliates! ".

It includes some of the most effective affiliate list building techniques ever designed and they're all together for you in this one informative report.

Can you picture being armed with all these 100 techniques?

  1. The "Specific Date" Technique
  2. The "So Many Minutes" Technique
  3. The "Here's Your Lesson" Technique
  4. The "E-Report" Technique
  5. The "Tease Me" Technique
  6. The "Great Deal" Technique
  7. The "JV Discount" Technique
  8. The "Worth It?" Technique
  9. The "Virus" Technique
  10. The "Swipe Them" Technique
  11. The "Republish It" Technique
  12. The "Future Goals" Technique
  13. The "Future Problems" Technique
  14. The "Prize Fest" Technique
  15. The "Las Vegas" Technique
  16. The "Fast Forward" Technique
  17. The "See It Everywhere" Technique
  18. The "Multiple Choice" Technique
  19. The "My Credentials" Technique
  20. The "Confidentiality Agreement" Technique
  21. The "100% Pure" Technique
  22. The "Look Who's Here" Technique
  23. The "Believe Them" Technique
  24. The "Collect Them All" Technique
  25. The "Next Time" Technique
  26. The "Ad Less" Technique
  27. The "Give Me Them" Technique
  28. The "Swap Me" Technique
  29. The "Got Friends?" Technique
  30. The "It's Worth" Technique
  31. The "Targeted Flirt" Technique
  32. The "Give It Away" Technique
  33. The "Try A Piece" Technique
  34. The "See The Past" Technique
  35. The "Waiting List" Technique
  36. The "Unapply" Technique
  37. The "E-mail Me" Technique
  38. The "Keep It Free" Technique
  39. The "I'll Pay You" Technique
  40. The "Easy Form" Technique
  41. The "Budget It" Technique
  42. The "Affiliates-Only" Technique
  43. The "Barter Everything" Technique
  44. The "I'll Be There" Technique
  45. The "My Advice" Technique
  46. The "Snooze You Lose" Technique
  47. The "Famous Guest" Technique
  48. The "Skim It" Technique
  49. The "Full Of Help" Technique
  50. The "Total Them Up" Technique
  51. The "A Long Time" Technique
  52. The "Personal Touch" Technique
  53. The "Gift Subscription" Technique
  54. The "Work Involved" Technique
  55. The "Goes Both Ways" Technique
  56. The "What You Missed" Technique
  57. The "Only Mine" Technique
  58. The "Stay Current" Technique
  59. The "Why apply?" Technique
  60. The "How Often?" Technique
  61. The "Cold Hard Facts" Technique
  62. The "Battle Tested" Technique
  63. The "Autograph" Technique
  64. The "Ratio Of Visitors" Technique
  65. The "Plenty Of Ways" Technique
  66. The "How To" Technique
  67. The "Top Ten" Technique
  68. The "Tip Me" Technique
  69. The "Recent News" Technique
  70. The "Interview" Technique
  71. The "Product Review" Technique
  72. The "Web Site Review" Technique
  73. The "Personal Profile" Technique
  74. The "Word Game" Technique
  75. The "Samples Of Products" Technique
  76. The "Checklist" Technique
  77. The "Calendar Of Events" Technique
  78. The "Q And A" Technique
  79. The "First Shot" Technique
  80. The "Community Gossip" Technique
  81. The "Transcripts" Technique
  82. The "Questionnaire" Technique
  83. The "Free Advertising" Technique
  84. The "People Care" Technique
  85. The "Common Sense" Technique
  86. The "Private Access" Technique
  87. The "Product For Ad" Technique
  88. The "Viral Article" Technique
  89. The "Opt-In Auction" Technique
  90. The "Listen To Me" Technique
  91. The "Watch Me" Technique
  92. The "Keyword Clicking" Technique
  93. The "Free Directory" Technique
  94. The "Customer Reminder" Technique
  95. The "Discount An E-mail" Technique
  96. The "Offline Myth" Technique
  97. The "Free Compliment" Technique
  98. The "Back You Up" Technique
  99. The "I'll Share" Technique
  100. The "Publish And Grow" Technique
These affiliate list building techniques are perfect for anyone who wants to attract more affiliates into their program ... and see the reward of increased sales and profits .

Just look at what this top internet marketer said:

Hey Peter,
Congratulations on an outstanding report. Your affiliate explosion report is one of the single best reports I have read on building and growing an affiliate base.

In my seven years of consulting to multinational companies around the world on their online strategy, I have yet to come across any information that can match the purpose and quality of the advice contained in your report.

I particularly found the following tips for building and growing my affiliate base invaluable, and a compete stroke of genius:
  • Point 21 - The "Swipe Them" Technique
  • Point 26 - The "Add Less" Technique
  • Point 52 - The "Personal Touch" Technique
  • Point 61 – The "Cold Hard Facts" Technique
I am 100% convinced that Peter’s techniques will add a new dimension to your affiliate recruitment, and will absolutely revolutionise your thinking.

I have already tested just 5 of the 110 tips Peter gives in the report, and I have already seen my affiliate signup conversions jump by 131%.

At present I have just over 18,000 affiliates promoting my products and services online, and I know for sure that Peter’s techniques will double that number in the up and coming months.

If you are a vendor, you need to start recruiting affiliates YESTERDAY, as this is the single best way to generate traffic and make more money online, and Peter’s report will give you the no fluff tips and advice to inject your business with hungy and active affiliates.

My advice, to all vendors – GET THIS REPORT NOW!

--Justin Harrison, Internet Marketing Strategy Consultant,

Now what's it worth to you to have more quality affiliates promoting your product, and not helping the guy across the street?

Well let's say you recruit just 10 more affiliates per week by using some of these methods. In only 5 weeks you'd have 50 more affiliates.

Assuming that only 2% of affiliates turn into a top performing super affiliate, then you'd have 1 super affiliate in addition to what you've got now.

And remember that these methods are yours to use whenever you want, on as many websites as you need, and for as long as you want. 

Just one of these techniques could help you nail a super affiliate that brings you more customers from more highly converting traffic than you ever had before.

What would that be worth to you? $10,000.00? $5,000.00? $1,000.00?
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To your affiliate marketing success,

Peter Koning, B.Math, MBA 

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Affiliate Explosion is a "Must Have" resource for any business seeking to effectively grow and optimize their base of affiliates. I will definitely be implementing some of Peter's useful tips for improving my affiliate recruitment strategies!
--Craig Cannings,

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